Member websites

Our valuable members belong to different industries, following links represent some of our members’ business on the web. Hunza Xinjiang Trading and Tourism Company: NEEDS:

Membership Benefits

The Hunza Chamber of Commerce & Industry creates value for its members through strong and effective representation and work collaboratively in partnership with organizations that share passion for supporting economic growth in Hunza. The HCCI provides an opportunity to its members to involve in business activities and meet government officials, federal and provincial ministers, ambassadors

Membership Fees & Charges

1 Annual Membership fee Rs. 5,200/- 2 China Border Pass Recommendation Letters Rs. 2,000/- 3 Attestation Certificate of Origin Rs. 4 Commercial Documents Attestation (per page) Rs. 5 Visa Recommendation Letters Rs. 6 Membership Certificate Charges Rs. 7 Membership ‘ Card Rs. 8 New Membership Application Form Charges Rs.

Membership Requirement

The proposed member is a sole proprietorship or a partnership firm or an association of persons or a company holding national tax number and sales tax registration, if applicable, in the name of the business concern. The proposed member’s business fits within the defined business scope or area of jurisdiction of District Hunza as provided