Dear members,

I take this opportunity to thank you all for reposing confidence in selecting me as Founding President of the Hunza Chamber of Commerce & Industry (HCCI). It is a great honor as well as a big responsibility on my shoulders.

I have assumed this responsibility with a significant commitment to serve the business community and make efforts for resolving key issues in cross border trade and other businesses, including imports/exports, tourism industry, transportation, mining and gems, local fruits/vegetable markets and other retail businesses. For this purpose, I would try to develop links with all stakeholder organizations to facilitate growth of trade and Industry in the region.

We will focus on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects and discover solutions to the hurdles that prevent business opportunities and expansion in Hunza. The HCCI will also keep a close eye on socio-cultural impacts of CPEC and will make possible arrangements to safeguard our cultural heritage and valuable ethics.

I hope together we will be able to highlight the problems of business community and make effective arrangements to overcome all challenges and barriers. Thank you.

Shah Jahan
President HCCI

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